12. - 13. 11. 2018 Bioinformatics workshop, INBIT, the Czech Republic

High-quality data analysis is essential for any successful high-throughput experiment. At the same time, many tools for the analysis are available only in a command line which is not accessible for everyone. Galaxy is an open source, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. Controlled through a graphical user interface, Galaxy can empower molecular biologists with the ability to explore their data without the necessity for coding or deep IT knowledge. This practically oriented workshop will guide participants through working with Galaxy to answer particular scientific questions.  Specifically, we will explore Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) datasets of DNA variants (DNA-Seq), gene expression (RNA-Seq), and protein-RNA interaction (CLIP-seq) experiments as example workflows. The workshop will be framed as a hands-on guided tutorial with additional time for individual exploration using Galaxy. 


Jelle Scholtalbers - EMBL

Vojtech Bystry - CEITEC

Jan Oppelt - CEITEC

Martin Demko - CEITEC

Panagiotis Alexiou – CEITEC

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18. - 20. 11. 2018 RNA and disease conference, Uppsala, Sweden

TOPIC:  The conference will focus on various aspects of RNA and disease, from identification of RNA causes disease genes and molecular mechanisms behind the diseased state.

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: Tom Steitz, the Nobel Laureate, Joan Steitz (Philipson Memorial Lecture),  Adrian Krainer (Sci-Life seminar) and others to be announced.

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4. 12. 2018 Guest Lecture Prof.Dr. Seyed Said Hashemolhosseini​

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