Project Activities

The MEDGENET project is focused on networking and training activities, including:

  • Joint mentoring: young researchers from CEITEC MU will get support and advise from experienced scientists from partner institutions, and will be sent for on-site visits to their mentors where they will learn new techniques and methodological approaches;
  • Young researchers from the consortium members will have an opportunity to participate in various EMBL courses;
  • Also experts from partner institutions and from the outside of the consortium will be invited to give lectures at CEITEC MU.

The main events planned in the MEDGENET project:

Workshops and seminars:

  • Structural validation workshop
  • 6th Educational Workshop of the IgCLL group
  • Workshop on Grid and Cloud technologies for high-performance high-throughput bioinformatics studies
  • Workshop on Protein Data Bank Europe and its new interface
  • Workshop on advanced microscopy and spectroscopy methods in quantitative analysis of biomolecular interactions
  • Workshop on NGS immunogenetics in lymphoid malignancies
  • Interactive Visualisations to guide Health Diagnostics and Personalized medicine (workshop)
  • Workshop on Data Connectivity / Data Carpentry
  • Research Funding Academy (workshop)
  • Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights in Biomedical Research
  • Workshop on Ethics in Biomedicine
  • Scientific writing skills workshop

Summer schools:

  • 1st Summer school in new approaches in experimental biology and omics June 2017
  • 2nd Summer school in new approaches in experimental biology and omics August 2018

Other events:

  • “RNA and disease” conference
  • Science & Business Day

The dates will be announced in the Upcoming events section.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 692298.
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