The MEDGENET project represents a significant effort aimed at convergence in quality of scientific research between low performing EU Member States and their internationally leading counterparts.

The MEDGENET project will have a clear impact on the research performance of CEITEC MU and its visibility in the international scientific community and staff research profile in the field of medical genomics. It will increase number and quality of CEITEC MU research publication, as well as international collaborative projects. The project will also have a significant impact on the professional level of medical genomics in the Czech Republic. It is expected that MEDGENET project will increase implementation of cutting edge technologies and enhance the development of new biotechnology and bioinformatics tools for application in clinical practice. Besides that, it will increase CEITEC’s potential for clinical application that will result in creation of new collaborations with industry and clinics.


MEDGENET project will strengthen science and technology capacities of institutions involved, as it enables exposure to multiple perspectives and building a critical mass of knowledge in the field;
Collaborative networking and training activities, and other profile-raising opportunities offered by the MEDGENET project will raise staff research profile of the whole consortium;
A new dimension of large-scale co-operation will stimulate scientific excellence and innovation capacity in the field of medical genomics.

MEDGENET and the society:

Medical genomics is a crucial tool for the priority area of a healthy population. Individual methodologies will reveal the origin and pathogenetic mechanisms of human diseases, provide information on epidemiology and prevention of rare and common diseases and aid in the development of new diagnostic tools and new drugs.

Applications of medical genomics may extend also to other areas such as sustainable energy (biomass), environment (natural resources), environmental technologies and eco-innovations, social and cultural challenges (infertility, prevention of deprivation, public policies and administration, national, regional and local identity and tradition), as well as safe society (bio warfare threats and/or emerging epidemics) and ICT (life science software development). MEDGENET will have a critical positive impact on further developments in medical research and healthcare in the South Moravian region and the Czech Republic at large.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 692298.
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