15.7.2016 MEDGENET Mentoring programme

The MEDGENET mentoring programme enables young researchers from CEITEC MU to get support and advice from experienced scientists, leading experts in their field from partner institutions.  The programme was launched with the project Steering Committee selecting 15 candidates for the year 2016. To date 6 PhD students and young postdocs have already visited their mentors and learned new methodological approaches, discussed future collaborations, received advice and inspirations. Read interview of Kateřina Černá, who has visited EMBL Heidelberg HERE

Experience of other Mentoring programme participants are available in the MEDGENET Newsletter Issue I.

1.6.2016 MEDGENET Guest lectures of Dr. Tobias Rausch and Dr, Jonathon Blake, EMBL Heidelberg at CEITEC

On the 26th of April two lectures by EMBL Heidelberg experts were held at CEITEC MU. The first lecture was “Cancer Genomics and its Caveats” by Dr. Tobias Rausch. Firstly, Dr. Rausch gave a brief introduction to crucial parameters in cancer genomics (purity, ploidy, heterogeneity) followed by information on the recent progress he and his team made in the discovery, genotyping and visualization of somatic & germline variants, in particular for small insertions & deletions and larger structural variants. The lecture was concluded with some hands-on experience of novel haplotyping approaches (10X Genomics) and long read single molecule sequencing (Pacific Biosciences). The second talk “Short Read Assembly Scaffolding with Oxford Nanopore Long Reads” was presented by Dr. Jonathon Blake, a Senior Bioinformatican at EMBL’s Genomics Core Facility where he has specialized in bringing new sequencing technologies into mainstream use by developing novel applications and data analysis techniques that advance their adoption.After the lectures CEITEC MU researchers had time for consultation with the guests. After the lectures CEITEC MU researchers had time for consultation with the guests.

To see photos from the event, visit our PHOTOGALLERY.

21. 1. 2016 CEITEC will shorten its path to the top of the European Science

Read about CEITEC's success within the first call for TWINNING with three projects, including MEGENET in press release CEITEC WILL SHORTEN ITS PATH TO THE TOP OF EUROPEAN SCIENCE

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