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1st Online Book of Abstracts

The book includes session abstracts from the MEDGENET workshops that took place in the year 2016:

  • The 6th Educational workshop of the IgCLL group workshop at Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Structural Validation Workshop at CEITEC MU, the Czech Republic
  • Workshop on Grid and Cloud technologies for high-performance high-throughput bioinformatics at INAB-CERTH, Greece

2nd Online Book of Abstracts

The second book of abstracts includes abstracts from workshops that took place in the year 2017:

  • The Workshop on Next-Gen Sequencing Technologies and Applications at CEITEC MU, the Czech Republic
  • Talking Colors: Advanced Microscopy at CEITEC MU, the Czech Republic

3rd Online Book of Abstracts will be published in December 2018

Scientific Writing Skills Workshop (19-20 September 2016)

The workshop started with an introduction to the publication process of workshop organizer Dr. Pavel Plevka. Dr. Libor Stepanek, the head of the MU Language Centre, explained participants general and some selected aspects of using the English language in academic writing. After the lunch break, Dr. Karel Kubicek presented real-life examples of issues in academic writing and publication in Life Sciences based on his long-term publishing and editing experience.

The second day began with the guest lecture by Dr. Kamila Etchegoyen Rosolova and Eleanor Lurring from the Czech Academy of Sciences. The lecture discussed more closely abstract and introduction of a publication. Besides the lecture, participants had to do some practical exercised using handouts provided by the lecturers. The workshop was finished with the lecture of Dr. Lesley-Ann Sutton from Uppsala University which is one of the MEDGENET partners. She has written and co-authored many papers, been a regular reviewer for several high impact journals in our field of haematology such as Blood, Leukemia, Haematologica, etc., and have provided proofreading services to other authors. She gave advice on how to write a good publication and talked about and peer review process.

Workshop presentations:

  1. Introduction to publication process (Title and Abstract) / Pavel Plevka, Masaryk University
  2. Language in research publications / Libor Stepanek, Masaryk University
  3. Success of your project depends on you (and so does its failure)! / Karel Kubicek, Masaryk University
  4. Writing Abstract and Introduction / Kamila Etchegoyen Rosolova and Eleanor Lurring, Czech Academy of Sciences
  5. Getting your research published: From writing your paper to the peer review process  / Lesley-Ann Sutton, Uppsala University

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